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The Auction Advantage

Why Auctions Are Effective

Often the first major question of a potential seller is: “What will an auction do for me?” The following are five reasons why the auction method of selling real estate is advantageous for a seller. It is the interaction of these five components coupled with a well-trained, seasoned auction team, that make an Oglesby Auction today’s most successful method of marketing.

  1. Auctions provide immediate results.

  2. The seller maintains control of the sale process.

  3. Your property is sold utilizing a property-specific promotion package.

  4. By virtue of the auction process, motivational excitement is created in anticipation of your sale.

  5. Auctions create a competitive marketplace.

For further explanation of the attributes of the auction process,
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The holiday season has been very busy, but I just wanted to take a little time to express gratitude on the part of myself and my cousins for all of your help in getting the property sold over in Frostproof (FL) a couple of weeks ago. I can tell you that I was a little worried at first with the auction idea, but after seeing how much hard work, dedication and professionalism that you put into the sell - I was truly impressed. After the whole experience, we were all well satisfied with the amount of money we received - especially with the way the real estate business has been going lately.

Thanks again for all of your help, and hopefully I can send you some referrals in the future. Have a safe and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Thomas Sturgis
Plant City, Fl.

“We feel the multi-property structure did an excellent job of bringing a variety of buyers to the table, and the multi-par process was instrumental in producing the high dollar values on the larger acreage tracts.  It should also be noted that by using the auction method our sellers were able to reallocate the proceeds of this sale at a predetermined time rather than wait for offers to come at some unknown time in the future.”

Thomas C. Shirley, Broker
RE/Max Realty Plus II
Lake Placid, FL

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