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Auction Marketing

Advertising & Promotion: Auction Advertising, LLC is owned by the principals of Oglesby & Company Auctioneers and may be employed by the seller to provide the advertising and promotion required for a successful auction. Upon contracting for employment, Auction Advertising, LLC will assemble an effective media strategy designed to maximize advertising dollars.

The marketing campaign will begin approximately six weeks in advance of the sale. Please contact us for detailed information regarding the marketing of your property. We can be reached at (800) 533-1135.

The following is a list of advertising vehicles typically utilized in the marketing of real estate at auction.

Direct Mail: Our buyers list is categorized by property type and geographic region. You will benefit from the comfort level that our buyers have in the integrity of the purchasing process at an Oglesby and Company auction.

Publications: We utilize both newspapers and trade journals in our advertising campaigns. We also utilize subscription based slick mags as they are read by people within demographically defined special interest groups. It is important to remember that many of these publications have extended ad deadlines.

Broadcast Media: Both Television & Radio ads are utilized when appropriate.

Signage: Property Specific signs and billboards.

Internet Exposure: We utilize about 35 world-wide real estate websites & trade forums frequented by specific buyer types.  Many sites we use are limited to member access, therefore providing very high ratios of qualified buyers.  These sites are increasingly productive in creating global awareness of commercial property, residential property, and land tract auctions.  Many Oglesby and Company buyers are global business people, confirming our realization that even the most diminutive property may draw credible, capable buyers from the four corners of the globe.

Telemarketing: We call known interested parties from previous sales as well as call all interested parties for your specific property. We strive to build a rapport with buyers so that we can be assured that all questions or concerns are answered in advance of the auction.

Total Budget: After reviewing the property inventory, your auction team will determine the amount of money necessary to implement an effective advertising campaign. We will then explain that budget in detail. One critical fact for you, the client, to understand is that the marketing budget will be used for the direct marketing and sale expenses of your auction. Labor utilized in the preparation of the sale is the responsibility of Oglesby and Company, Auctioneers.

Bidder’s Packet: A comprehensive bidder’s package will be compiled and prepared for each sale. It will then be printed and made available to each and every prospective buyer of your property.


(Referencing the division of family acreage among family members and
a variety of public bidders.)

“The plain fact is that you took charge of family property that will be important to our grandchildren, could have been important to Lee’s grandchildren, and presented it fairly to the biggest array of bidders you, we and Lee could generate, and there is no way to thank you for the way
you did it.”

Gordon W. Nugent
Peoria, IL

Oglesby and Company Auctioneers
2745 Grace Manor • Lakeland, FL 33812
P: 863-533-7900 • F: Docs@OglesbyAuctioneers.com • info@OglesbyAuctioneers.com